Sep 24, 2009

That Space

That space is vacant,
It used to be filled with furniture,
Your mahogany table of patient
Your bed of love
Your chair of comfort
Your closet of fear
Your satin curtains of grace
Your flowery wallpaper of anxiety
That space used to be full,
Now you gone and left me empty.
I tried furnishing it
I remember mimicking the exact position
Yet empty is still the main colour
I renovated everything
Keeping the memory but changing the decoration
It feels good
Knowing I can move on
Knowing I can love others
Different it may be but
It suffice knowing
That somewhere you were treated
With love and kindness

p.s - Have a good day everyone,
know that holiday is coming to an end,
prepare for the worst.

Aug 23, 2009

Poet In The Making..

I wake up in the middle of night,
Tonight it feels cold,
The weather seems to be cruel lately,
The clouds parade by trying to comprehend my midnight anecdote,
I tell my story with my eyes
The poignant fable attracts the moth
They seem to understand the loneliness
Cause they attracted to things they should not be too
They know it is hurtful
Yet still they fly to the flame
You’re my flame and I am the moth
I want but I can’t have you
The air feels heavy tonight
I can feel them caressing me
Comforting me, trying to lull me into the night
I breathe them in,
And the stirred emotion came to a halt
The sun peeks in the night giving its light
Telling the moon hope is always there
And one day they will meet again
Wish I could be the sun,
Filled with zealous faith
Waiting in joyful hope
Of the coming of someone special,
Who awaits me in the dark like the moon,
And she will light up my night
So I don’t get lonely anymore
... been taking up poetry lately to pass of my days ...
would like people to give title on it please..
and tell me what u feel..
p.s - happy ramadhan to all muslim and those who aren't happy holiday. Sungkei pwas2 kat bazaar.. huhuhuhuh

Aug 2, 2009

aku marah giler ni!!!

Have you guys done things that you guys put so much work on n people spoil it?

u must have.. xkan x pernah nye la..
This week I am ticked off by almost everything in sight.
1. cadar tilam ku yg ku jemur disiram org atas. Nak kna bunuh org tuh. tak pasal2 ak kna basuh blik kan. Da le buat bnde tkutuk tu lari trus tak nak ngaku. Imagine this, tgh2 rilek kat blik rehat tetiba dgr air tersiram dari atas. Bunyi bkan main kuat lag. Cheist!! rupe2 nye ak nye cadar tilam kena siram. WattaFak!!!
2. Ak tak tau la nak marah ke tak kan benda ni. Bus ak TUNGGU dari kul 8 pag x sampai2. Punyala bengang ak. Pakai teksi, Abang, sikalang a, mo peg itu kl sentral pun sudah rm20. ni lagi la jusco. 15 la bang. sya kasi murah. Swine flu btol la. It's like obvious m always going to where i always go and that taxi guy charging some nonsense prizes. Hello ever heard of METER? kami pun nak idup gak.

Oi oi oi!!! minggu ni minggu brape? 4 ke 5? x pasal2 ak kene marah kang x prepare tok public speaking..

Jul 6, 2009

Third times the charm..

dalam byk2 bnda ni gak yg ak promote. huhu..
Borneo Cultural Festival atau in short BCF nih cam celebration je. nothing more than that.
Its where people come every year and flock together to celebrate their difference with others. Though I only get myself just the tip of the iceberg of the excitement hapening during the festivities, (I went on the opening during 3rd July and goes back on the 4th) (-.-) still they are very satisfying though.
i posted it like that because i have been missing the action for three years already and thank goodness third time always a charm and i finally get to enjoy parts of the festivities. Indulging myself in the crowd with some mouth watering delicacies. (yum-yum)
nothing much happend actually except there is speech by minister. opening acts by some local choir, dancing here n there, etc2.
this website says much if you are rajin enough to surf internet cos i didn't get to snap any pic.
some info on it.
this blogger has all the fun he had during the festivities.
here another guy who talks about borneo and borneo itself.

whenever people ask me what sibu has compared to other?
i probably would answer them that sibu is just sibu. you can't say anything unless you experience it yourself. i won't underestimate sibu neither expecting too high of it. sibu is just a nice feel good getaway holiday. Wanna come to sibu?

Jul 1, 2009

TidAK!! NOOooooO.. (o.O)'''

Next week new sem will begin.. Tie me up. Bury me down under. I don't wan't to back to kl!!. Sibu... m gonna mis u.. (T.T) Lama da cuti.. Best nye.. lama x update.. kering..

nothing much happen time holidae.
xcept... Gawai, which was hell of a celebration anyway.
In case you guys responding with WTF is Gawai.. lemme explain.

Every year, iban people planted their rice for food. so they plant and yada yada yada..
The rice is ripe during the 6th month of the year. this time they harvest it with friends and family. finish harvesting. one guys had an idea. "maybe we should celebrate this day. especially after all the hard work being put into it. hm..." The idea was first thought to be just a simple family gathering turn into tradition which is celebrated until now. heheh. to put matters into mo precise and simple words. so that i will not confuse those delicate minds.

talk about celebration.. this is my long house..
it's a long longhouse. 100++ families.. Impressive huh..


nenek tua si bongkok tiga siang mlam bejaga2..

heheh.. so on the 1st of June we iban people in Sarawak celebrate it of course. and to the neighbouring state Sabah, happy Kaamatan (theirs on 30 july). Sorry me not sure how to say it in Kadazan Dusun. eheheheehhe.. Long story short i always waited for june. it's my favourite time of the year. (till i forgot to update my blog) sowe..

So.. See you guys after the break.. and all..

May 19, 2009

That Seven Days..

For our special semester programme we are having seven working days of SOP(School Orientation Programme). It was a new experience for us future teacher cohortV IPIK. Lots of things have happened but first sorry for not updating my blog for a longggGGggggg time. To be frank, none of us were expecting what for the sop, especially since it include the preschooler. How the hell we are to do things with the preschool?? We haven't even been taught the methodology of teaching. Nak ngajar? Bahasa pon x btol? after dozens of explanation. La.. it was just observing.. Lega.. btw, the experience was one of the kind. sk bndar bru sri petaling 1 was just simply stunning. they are of course a great school. (Bangga le tu.. (",) kishishishi) people said that pic was enough to tell everything. so here are some of them.

the one in the middle with yellow shirt mama Siti (kitorg kak siti je)

Yg ni.. aKsi memberus gigi.. Dari hujung.. Haiqal, Kar-Q, Raj, N Atikah Balqis. brus smpai putih..

The Quietest of them all.. choong soon you.. Snyum pon nak kna pksa ckgu gak.

Ni nma dia Sabrina.. Sori ye kat sebelah bkan adhwa.. hehhehe Yg sblah alif... playboy kelas..

Wahyi Hidayat.. Suka bwat muka.. Nakal.. Kaya tu.. hobi dia main golf..

Future teachers.

ni yg dtg time tu.. kalu ikutkan kar-q, soon you, n aisyah x dtg..

sekian. Pas ni mesti dorg cari cikgu.. hahahhahahh.. conclusion? Sop open up eyes.. mula mmg xnak.. da cuti pastu mcm xnak habih plak.. kishishishis.. will miss all o' 'em..

Apr 22, 2009

Chasing Pavement - Adele

I've made up my mind,
Don't need to think it over
If I'm wrong, I am right
Don't need to look no further,
This ain't lust
I know this is love
But, if I tell the world
I'll never say enough
Cos it was not said to you
And that's exactly what I need to do
If I end up with you
Should I give up,
Or should I just keep chasin' pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere
Or would it be a waste
Even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there
Should I give up,
Or should I just keep chasin' pavements
Even if it leads nowhere
I build myself up
And fly around in circles
Watin' as my heart drops
And my back begins to tingle
Finally, could this be it
Or should I give up
Or should I just keep chasin' pavements
Even if it leads nowhere
Or would it be a waste
Even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there
Should I give up
Or should I just keep chasin' pavements
Even if it leads nowhere
Or would it be a waste
Even if I knew my place should I leave it there
Should I give up
Or should I just keep on chasin' pavements
Should I just keep on chasin' pavements

Came across this song. sad song. wondering should she just chase pavement knowing it won't leave her anywhere she wanted to. it's a choice actually. to pursue the guy or just let it be.
came across this cover though. want a real singer go download yourself. Or Tell me. i'll try to give it through any mean as soon as i can.

p.s - muka die ad iras vanessa hudgens kan? tap sore die lag sdap.. hahaha.. ak anti high skul musical.. errrrr.... lalalalalalalalalalal..

Apr 14, 2009

Toiling The Toll Out Of Exam Which Is Just Around The Corner

Long title post huh? but it's the fact.Tomorrow is our final. WOOT! To recap, lots of things have happened. i don't even know where to start. From the recent scold for not following protocol enough, to the time for going through major hellish weeks for 2 workshops and one important assignment to finish AND not having enough time to take cats nap. one thing i say that everyone should agree on. We have gone through hell and back. HELL YEAH!!(wink*wink hai kyoX) sound repetitive but still i'm loving my "spears" semester. stop dom. no need to go further. ok. actually i just wasted ur time reading. kishishishi. Just want to wish everyone who came across this blog and incidentally having final exam for the semester well goodluck. cohort V after this hell relax. Cos we still have one last level of hell. Then it is seventh heaven. in the mean time have fun studying. ??? fun= study? the hell!!

Apr 7, 2009

Being Happy is Just Being Happy.

Sometimes, I wonder. Wait. i amazed myself. How could i look rather happy. I don't know. Maybe i never take things seriously. People could go and say u are this that and i would just smile and laugh with the matter. A LOT OF studies and researches have been done on this state of being happy. And they say that happy could make you younger, happy can make you thinner, happy can help other people. IDK but IMO i can help some of you guys live a large lifelessly life happily with that endorphine induced tranced whatchamacallit state.
1. To be happy you must throw away ur worries for a while. Go and do things that you would never thought of doing. me? I love all sorts of things. Now among my favourite things to do is catching up with whatever sorts of anime in the anime world. To do that you must have time on your own. If you like, what? i don't have time for what i want. I am buried under this assignments/works/books/paper or etc. How dare you asks me to set aside this things. Well get yourself an hour or two to pamper yourself. you'll be amazed.
2. To be happy you must have nescafe. ak jadi promoter nescafe plak... IDK try having somthing you long to indulge at. ice cream/spa/holidays/ anything that requires you to spend money. hehehehe. But to do this you must have company. Yes, company. Company is a must. no ambiguity here ok. Company as in friend. bring your bestfriend/s out and agree on one thing and go spend your money on it. I admit i have done this. Cough cough cosmo cough cough. I admit at first i was a little hesitant. To throw away money is not my strong suit. But i spend money on it. and guess what. It was a worth it experience.
3. To be happy is a state of mind. to achieve it you must forgive. Forgive every wrong your friends have done to you and you feel happier. really? well if you still dwell in that sin that friend of yours have done towards you, you will inevitable feel guilty about it. and guilty is one of the roadblock towards happiness. Hey not just your friends you yourself must ask for someone's mercy if you done anything bad and all. don't say that i preach but never do anything bout it. i have forgiven my friends. thousands of times already. till they get to an annoying point where i think that i could not forgive them, but i manage to pull in deep breath and exhale away the feeling. Best. try it sometimes.
4.To be happy is to be with someone you love. Try calling or sms-ing you loved one. call and say you just call to know whether they fine or not, how life and all. it is better after a few call.

I'm not sure whether this writing has values or not. but to be happy is subjective. you can be happy with the thing but not ither person. another man's junk is another man's treasure. or something similar to that. so if reader want to try my way of being happy go ahead. you might give yourself a suprise.

Apr 2, 2009


stretch.. yargh!!! look at watch.. Damn! it's 4:50 in the morning. Damn. just finished my part of assignment. waiting for my partner to finish his. Earphone in the ear sings to me John Denver's Take me home country road. country road take me home. to a place where i belong. sings to it slowly not to disturb other people. some are asleep some are with their assignment. open my hood someone besides me. anuar. ok. i'm done. take the soft copy and merge everything. the fan slashed the air making sound. breezy and cold. typed everything out already. done. sigh. cold. can't sleep or else won't awake. late already. way past bedtime. way way past bedtime. one big burden shaken off the shoulder. i survived. first thought. i survived through hell. it was wonderful. tiring yet there's a satisfaction on it. moment seized moment stopped moment carved forever. how beautiful can words be to describe that joyous moment. angel's choir faintly appear. and dissappear. i run mentally and physically. i was exhausted yet i pushed. limit is there. the deep dark hole waits to swallow me hole. yet as i push towards the edge there is still ground. i stared. into the wall. hoping it would congratulate me. yet they stared back like i was a fool. the screen laughed at me. laughed at what i'm going through. they tell me if you had done it earlier. i answered back then it is not a challenge. going through hell and lived to tell the tale. i smile. then it fade. remorse fills my veins. wish i had done it sooner. confused. where is my stand right now. i don't want to sit on the fence. someone can push me down. i might fall and bruised myself. amazing. i can still type. type my feeling into words. limited vocabulary yet they can sketch my feeling. i have done it. worry not. you have done it. you've made it through. i am proud of you. but don't do it again. the same stunt won't be entertaining and they won't entertained you. you have pressed that button you have made that choice. it has been written on the stone. i lay back. the chair comforts me in it arm. 4 hours before the deadline. spend my 2 hour writing my 2 cents. i'm a nuisance. don't read this. i'm being impulsive. that tired unconscious mind have been taken over by the half awake side of brain. waiting like a lion. wait. to pounce on it's victim. it jumped and catched the prize of the day. in tranced. feels like flying. yet gravity holds down. like a bird caged. singing it life away. let it go. past is past. you are done. so are you. we both made it. that freezing hell can't stop us. we held hands together and not letting each other go. i'm proud of us. stop. stop. stop rambling about. it's pure nonsense yet it motivating. my hand won't stop typing. i do not think. i just type. the neuron just do their work. pity them. have to overwork. they are a good sport. want to pamper myself. sleep the whole day. sleep until i bleed through my eyes. sleep till my body fully recharged. they deserved a good rest. heart still pounding. pity him. can't rest. slowly work itself in sleep. good morning. good day.

Mar 17, 2009

Ish... Why me?

-If someone says "are you okay" you say?
do i look ok? kishishishi.. yes is the answer.
-What do you like in a guy/girl?
No matter which apple i picked right now all of them have seeds. lalalalala..
-What is your life's purpose?
Searching for revelation, true purpose is not found yet. Meditating and leaving my mind blank.
i see something. i can see it. yes. oh.. I lost it. connection x clear. next time maybe.
-What's your motto?
motorola? motorcar?motorcycle? moto-moto? kishishishi.. Just laugh even though the world is cruel.
-What do your friends think of you?
Dom tu jahat kan.. suka-suka dia je buat mcm tu.. apa dia ingat org suka ke dia cam tu? lalalalal..
good listener? I never tell secrets unless i have permission.
-What do your parents think of you?
I'm the most unnormal children. classic malcolm in the middle case.. Unpredictable. sometimes quiet in a place hiding. sometimes laughing joking with all. sometimes throwing tantrums at everything. sometimes can be very mature and all. In a nutshell, two favourite words from my mother. quote "stupid dog!!!"
-What do you think about very often?
I have a lot going in my mind. But recently i was thinking on wanting to travel all over the world. Watch the romantic sunset in hawaii. Enjoy my gondola rides in venice. Get lost in tokyo. learning to surf in australia's ocean.
-What do you think about your best friend?
they are unique. Each and every one of them. like a fingerprints.
-What is your life story?
Blum tulis lag. wait till i die and i askd someone to write my novel of life and summarise it in my obituary. kishishishishi..
-What do you want to be when you grow up?
when i grow up. i wanna be a.. wait?!? i am a grown up. dunno. teaching le.. can't think of what else. que sera sera.
-What do you think when you see the person you like?
Second best is all that i will experience. Tengok je la that person.
-You dance at your wedding?
i have three left feet i think. i'd be having a horrible disastrous dancer in the world and my life wife will complaint and divorce me that night immediately.
-What is your hobby/interest?
Read, sleep, Comic!!!!!!!
-What is your biggest fear?
Ending up alone and lonely. endlonephobic. i made that word up. creativity is one of language properties.
-What is your biggest secret?
If i tell you I'd have to kill the whole IPIK. I mean it. seriously i think my real parents is alien. whoops.. i told you just now. Please don't tell anyone. please3.. i beg of you..
-What do you want right now?
I want a power. Time travel. so i can zap people away if i don't like them. I want to be a villain. I want to try something that none have tried before but i can't think of any. kishishishishis..
-What do you think of your friends?
I'm sorry not as poetic as prettyinpink can be. But two morphemes (lalalalala) came across my mind. "Thank" and "You". semantic properties? can think of any yet. that colourless green ideas seems to be wandering further in the field aiming the boy with the telescopes by the bank.
Kishishishishishi.. Application of linguistic.
-What will you post this as?
Ish... Why me?

Mar 4, 2009

Sorry Guys..

I just want to say a FEW THINGS have been going on lately. And expect some of the busyness marching onwards. To shortens things up i would want to make a list of what had happen this few weeks that i'm not writing cos of some stupid internet line not being able to get themselves connected to MY LAPTOP. okay to makes life easy( my hands doing less typing, ur eyes doing less reading) here are some of the things that happened recently.
1. Everyone's favourite - I cried during workshop. (best things is i get free cookies) Thanks adah.. kishishishis..
2. I go back to sibu - Eventhough it was a short trip back (flight friday - back sunday evening) I feel rejuvenated or some kind. I feel less homesick. lalalalalala... the only person knows before i burst out during the workshop is Mdm Ros. Mucho Gracias. (btw she won't read this but nah... just want to thank her.)
3. I F#$ked up in my exam. PnD was hell lot tougher co i don't study at all and everything else is history. - think that u guys know what the hell i'm not studying. No further explanation needed.
4.SnP. I don't know what will happen but i try my best to keep my composure. Everyone ( u know who u are) are trying their best to keep things in strings and working. Try my hardest to be a good leader.
5.Finally i get to download heroes.. lalalallala.. and update my blog.. but probably weekly cos i need to go around and get my connection.

p.s - Sports started few weeks ago. and no sorry i'm not joining this year.. lalalalalal

Feb 23, 2009

Tagged?!!? 2nd Time

Tagged : You were given 10 items. Come out with our own opinions on how d items can be used apart from d normal a.k.a common one. It's time to be creative!
1) Anak Kunci
Kegunaan asal
-Mengunci n terkunci
Kegunaan lain yg boleh damn pkirkan?
-Korek Lubang Idung? Kishishishishishi
-Pengorek Kotoran Di Kuku kaki. Lalalalalalala...
2) Penutup Pen
Kegunaan asal
-tutup Pen Duh...
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pkirkan?
-Korek Idung gak kot.. Lalalalalala
-Korek Telinga time gatal2 bole gak
3) Botol Mineral
Kegunaan asal
- water container.
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pikirkan
-Recycle kot. Damn is an Environmentalist.. Is That True? Doubt it..
-Kalau Perjalanan jauh n xley nak berenti buangla air kencing tu kat dlm botol. jgn letak sama dgn minuman. Lalalalalalalal.. Kishishishishishishi...
4) Paper Lama
Kegunaan asal - Tuk alas2.
Kegunaan lain Damn pikirkan?
- Lap Bontot time terdesak. Kishishishishishi... Tisu tndas mahal kan.. lalalalala..
5) Seluar Dalam Lama
Kegunaan asal
-Buang kot
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pikirkan
-Utk hiasan Di dinding2.. lalalalalalalala.. Collection antique.. mahal tu lpas brapa puluh ratus taun akan datang. So simpan la..
6)Lesung batu
Kegunaan asal -
tumbuk bhn2 mskan
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pkirkan
-Tuk Ketuk kpala org.. Self-Defense. Xla kna kidnap/rogol/ n sewaktu dgnnya..
7) Langsir
Kegunaan asal - mngcover tngkap umah anda..
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pikirkan
-When You're Gone... Lalalalalalalalal.. kishishsishishishsihsishish... Buat nyanyi2.. masuk kat utube..
8) Komputer ofis
Kegunaan asal
- harus la wat keje ofis
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pkirkan
-Uploadkan video tadi ke utube.. Tu jer fungsi nye kot.. lalalalalal
9) Duit Syiling
Kegunaan asal -byr bil la kan
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pkirkan
-Gores kad topup? xmen la.. kami minta yus topup kan sudah.. Tuk Bagi sedekah kot..
-Beli minuman tin pun bole gak..
10) Laman Blog
Kegunaan asal - mluahkan ape yg tbuku n my thought..
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pikirkan
-Sama la miz Adah. utk isi tagged je..
Should i tagged others?
tyah la.. dis is the ending of this damn tagged.. kishishsihsihsishishsihsishsihs...

Feb 21, 2009

Random Act Of Kindness

Just came back from my weekly prayer this morning and I saw something cute this morning. Cute? I don't have the right vocabulary to say what the feeling of watching it could be described as but imagine this. you wake up one day after a very sweet dream. You smile knowingly though unconciously you don't remember the dream and YET the warm feeling rise up inside you. Like a surge of waves crashed onto the beach and reconstruct everything till the vista changes. That's the warm feeling I am feeling after watching one little act of kindness done by a kid in a LRT station.She gave up her seat and how the old man was smiling till the ear was a photographic event I must say. I could just grab a camera and take the photo and watch the moment stayed still and not fade away. You all must agree with me when I stated that a single random act of kindness could bring up a smile to everyone. Wish everybody would do the same and the world would be a different place. Friends meeting up "saying how do you do? but what they mean is I love you". Hey don't say I never done anything good. I have.
Few little that you could do are:
1)Smile - It is contagious like most people say. So go on spread this smilling disease.
2)Listen - Talk to those in need. Listen to what they have to say.
3)Hug - It might not be appropriate to some but when it is try. Hug your mother and peck her on the cheek. See what would happen. probably not to some strangers though.
4)Throw some $$$ away - You might think for what, but what you do might be repay tenfold. Every religions agree on this i must say. Pahala? Good Deed? Karma? lalalallalalala.. ;)
5)I don't know... just do something good today and you will know why.

I know you know what I don't know,
Let's just pretend we both know,
Cos' something might conjure something,
out of something, from that someone.
and it might suprised us.
Running out of option?
Try rubbing it with lotion,
Then you can see it in motion.
Doubt might come and make you hesitate,
Let him make a mistake,
nothing you could not make,
with imagination, it's a piece of cake.
Love is loveable,
Hug is huggable,
Smile is smileable.
Productivity is in the word,
Just write anything on the board.
till you have nothing to say.

p.s - it's a spur of the moment thing. kishishishishis.. lma da tak bwat org gelak.


tolong la.. jgn tag ak lag..
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
1)I don't like being tagged.
2)music is my first love
3)Tidor is my bestfriend
4)Reading is my acquaintance
5)Blogging is my new found passion
6)Kishishishishi is my laugh -no "rompak"ing che sarah-
7)Being left alone is my favourite
Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
-annoying kekadang
-i can fall asleep in watever kind of situation.
-love books so much kadang2 syg nak buang (magazines esp)
-tidor merata
-kalau tidor mesti ada bntal kecik tok diri sndiri.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
i don't have the need to do that. malas.. let my tag ends here.
Link the person who tagged you.
che sarah
Leave a comment for each blogger.
what is the purpose for tagging people this time, is only to know exactly who are my frens ..hehe

Feb 6, 2009

Heroes is back!!!

Heroes is back everyone!!
Need to satisfy that insatiable craving for heroes? Here is some website for it.

These two websites contain facts and trivias on heroes, spoilers for upcoming episode,fan theories, cast and characters, and all you need to know in heroes world.
Episode 14 have been aired last monday. Just download it recently. One word, Fantastic. This Second part of season three (volume 4?) is entitled Fugitives. Here Every evolved human. Geng2 heroes je is being hunted by the government. reason? Ask nathan. He started it all. That tall tale guy. Anyway, expect nothing less here. Heroes is Back and Bad.

Some of main and recurring characters. You knew all of them. New Characters? Go find out yourself.

Jan 31, 2009

Top 5 Reasons Why I Hate Assignment

Tensions building up. Deadline is nearer and nearer. Hours turn to minutes to seconds. Still assignment I never finishes early. Punishments for the crime, terrible consequences is another word for it. Calamity best described the day before the deadline. Yup, everything will be thrown into chaotic states just by a simple 10 letter word, with an ass in the front. Back to the title. My Top 5 Reasons Why I Hate Assignment.

5. Waste my Ink. WHY? Eventhough I don't have any printer yet, still wasting ink is not my forte. I know an ink refill would cost a person an arm or a leg. A printer is a high maintainance machine. What If you print a Dictionary-thick like assignment? No further explanation needed.
4. Not Enough Sleep. I am a slow person. I think very slow and i react very slow. I type 2 words per minute.
3. I hate the reading part in assignment. I am allergic to academic books. Asked me what i read. I would reply. 'comics, novel, magazines and other non academic writing. Fiction is preferable. non-fiction? Depends on how famous the book is.
2. I don't have time to write my f@#kn' blog!!!!
1. What 10 letter words with an ASS in the front that annoys us more than a pain in the ASS? How many ASS word do i need to say so i can make an ASS of an ASSignment? What would an ASS be called if it was to be put at the front? Everybody has an ASS but not in the front. DumbASS.

Jan 25, 2009

Anne Frank - Franktastic Writer

Anne Frank - The diary of a young girl.
This book i read set back 1942 from the first day she received her diary to 1944 until the day they were captured. I finished the book the day before holiday (sorry Emma, will give it to you after the holiday). It took me a year to finish this book. hehehe. Cos i forgot to bring it back. poor book stashed somewhere inside the dark collecting dust while waiting for people to open it again. How sad was the life of a book if they were not read. This book make her the figures of century and how vivid was the images that she brought to my mind on how war could affect people surrounding them. War is something that people should not be taken lightly. We don't want our love one to suffer aren't we? Yet,she pour her heart content to her confidante "kitty" (the diary name) on everything that includes the annexes'(which by the way the name of the secret house(annexe) they were staying at)residents suffering, to her romance with peter( one of the annexes) She was a sweet person yet she had to be tough because nobody takes her opinion lightly which resulted in her hardheaded attitudes. Overall it is a good read. No such literature should be put aside especially if it was a great masterpiece. It would be like we rejecting Beethoven and his ever glorious music. It does aroused few controversial thought for it's more mature beyond teen of her age. For me, she was born smart so she could write and tell of the world about how ugly a war can be.

p.s - Stop war. Peace.. To everyone, We should pray for that Lord may open those eyes who are blind, make the deaf listen to the word, and the mute may start to speak so that war may be stopped and forever gone.

"War may have gone but the scar that we had may reminds us on how ugly it was"

Jan 20, 2009

Plays N Drama -Mdm Jo's Edition-

Firstly, to my dear reader. i'd like give credit to Karl for this idea. This preposterous idea was his own. Today madam josephine gave her first lec to our cohort on setting, make up, lighting, and /Bugdet/ which is a supporting element for enhancing drama. (correct me if i'm wrong, i was late, which by the way reminded me on nobody telling me that class is starting early!!! WTH?!?!) so back to the topic, mdm joe gave us this lecture but she was giving weird example in order to make us understand. Simple simple sudah la. imagine this the example she gave on make up is John Travolta's make up on hairspray to make him into a her. tu baru make up. and the lighting makes her talks about miss universe. bloody hell!! plus, mdm sheerin kacau je mdm jo nak bagi lec. kesian jo, mentang2 bkan ketua jabatan dah. Back to J don't want no sheerin. What is this class actually? kelas john-travolta-dressing-up-as-the-drag-queen-to-enter-miss-universe? Makes me ponder even more on why i takes teaching for a career in the beginning. I hope everything will turn out ok in the end. All well might as well ends well. Another thing just came up, How am i going to teach the children on drama? I need to dress as a tramp? no no no... Make my children dress as tramp? kesian budak2 tu, besar2 jadi kurang normal. What to become of society then? hahahahaha... saje je mdm jo. ko rasa? oren? In the end bagi tgk siaran ulangan The man who planted tree(s). To show us how little budjet can make a good performance compare to those who have plenty to spend. Macam la.

p.s it is a matter of opinion. sukati la, wat u want to teach your children? how you teach your children? As long as it is in the curriculum specification. Elaun x masuk lagi. Sedih nya. No money not coming to class cos no money no food (hungry ma!!). no money also no talk. hahahaha. Boikot barangan Kak Som. Mahal!!!

Jan 11, 2009

Freckles - Natasha Bedingfield


I used to care so much about what others think about
Almost didn't have a thought of my own
The slightest remark would make me embark
On the journey of self doubt
But that was a while ago
This girl has got stronger
If I knew then what I know now
I would have told myself don't worry any longer it's OK

'cause a face without freckles is like a sky without stars
Why waste a second not loving who you are
Those little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable, valuable,
They show your personality inside your heart
Reflecting who you are

Who you are
Who you are
Who you are

I wondered if I could trade my body with somebody else in magazines
Would the whole world fall at my feet?
I felt unworthy and would blame my failures on the ugliness I could see
When the mirror looked at me
Sometimes I feel like the little girl who doesn't belong in her own world
But I'm getting better
And I'm reminding myself

'cause a face without freckles is like a sky without stars
Why waste a second not loving who you are
Those little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable, valuable,
They show your personality inside your heart
Reflecting who you are

Reflecting who you are
Reflecting who you are

Have been reflecting for quite some time not knowing wat to post till came acroos this song. Love her remarks on you don't need to be someone else to be happy. (btolx3) heheheh.. imperfection is normal, vanity step aside. Ego must fill half the cup. Emo buang jauh2. Busuk. Happy is 2009. Remind me of Eliza in Pygmalion. She ended up not knowing who she is after learning her proper English. "what am i to become of" ending not tragic but i pity her for not being able to be herself after all that. x fakta? tap itu la seingat aku. correct me if i'm wrong. foundation has long gone. still, be unique, that what makes you everything to somebody who appreciates it.

p.s - Xnak kawen awal. nak tolong ringan kan hidup parents dlu. anak yg baek konon nya. After that selesakan diri dlu. then get marry. hehehe. if ad rezeki kawen awal? tgk dulu la.
thanx natasha bedingfield for the lovely song. walaupun ko x tau baca ke ap.

Jan 7, 2009


i have a treasure,
they're at my hands,
i hold it firmly,
not wanting to let go,
i hold it tightly,
like my life depends on it,
i cling on it
till it lost one day,
i was lost too,
not knowing what to do in a dark,
i can't shout for help for i am mute,
i can't look for it for i am blind,
i can't hear a sound for i am deaf,
i am just not me.

one day i feel something at my hand,
holding me with it's warmness,
first i was confused,
then i understand,
it came back again,
it was my treasure,
that i hold dear to,
came back to me,
they were not lost,
they were gone for a brief moment,
i hold them firmly as ever,
not wanting to be lost again,
for i treasure it the most
emo? not!!!

Copyright -Damnik2009-

p.s - i wanted to be and feel happy. Emo so 2008. hahhaha. I do have things that i treasure most. family and friendship,(for those who wonder) something you cant found at 7eleven unless you're looking for something else. 7eleven semua ada.

Hey Diddle diddle

Hey Diddle diddle,
The cats and the fiddle,
The cow jump over the moon,
The little dog laughed to see such fun.
And Dish ran away with the Spoon.

This is my poem for today S&P class. Why i chose this poem? I had no idea. I had an interesting childhood so to say. (ye ke!!) nah.. How bout an ok childhood. This nursery rhymes is nonsenses that is the main reason on why i like it.

p.s - i can't find my spoon, i wonder whether he ran away and elope with my fork. biarla.

Jan 6, 2009

Old man and his Porn

Came back from pasar malam just now and I saw one interesting thing. You can guess it by the way. Don't worry I'm not good at creating a good title with hidden meanings on it. It is what the title is somewhat suggesting (Drum roll) an old man with his porn. hahah.. Ok maybe that was a little too boring. How 'bout i spice things up. Considering your truly and my fellow coursemate is taking up songs and poetry. How about we sing. Most of you know the /this old man song/ right? This old man he play one, he play yada yada so and so. You know this song. You must have a very poor childhood if you don't have the song. Buy Beg Borrow Or Steal. Look for it. Cos you don't want to sing this without knowing the tune. ok. 1 2 3.

This old man,
He wants porn,
He walks to pasar malam,
With a big umbrella,
and a 10 ringgit,
This old men pick out a porn.

I wonder how that old man look when he is aroused. yuck. I feel like throwing up.
Still lust is an ageversal thing huh. I have an advise to the pak cik tua. Pak cik2, you are old. Stop watching porn. It is bad for your heart. Plus, you have parkinson and all sorts of diseases. How are you going to press the pause button and change the channel quickly when your wife/son/daughter/granddaughter/anyone who comes in. Imagine this, while the old man was watching it suddenly the car came. "oh my god! my daughter is coming. I totally forgot cos i have this stupid alzheimer. S@#$!!" The daughter came in and caught him wet handed( who came up with that). "Gasp! Apa!! ley mo kaw cho a!!" (sorry ban leng not good in chinese hahahaha) while covering the face of her son. "Damn!(i love this word) I was just wanted to change the channel and put on my shorts but my stupid parkinson kacau la."

P.s - Imagination is Disusting. To some extent.

Jan 5, 2009

Blogger Alert!!!

Here i am, sitting in front of this laptop wondering what should i be doing with the line and all. So trying to catching up with the trend, I try blogging. I don't know wat to expect and all but still i try. I wanted to make few things clear first, if i ever make any nonsense remarks on someone or ANYBODY(sapa makan cili rasa pedas la!!) who thought it was a little extreme to be blogged then forgive yours truly. Still, i want to post something and that is my prerogrative. I wish i can blog visually because i would need a hand sign for my swear word. wahahahahahah... Hope for this new year would be a prosperous new blog year. Wait for my post cos i will paint this blog red with my keyboard.