Apr 14, 2009

Toiling The Toll Out Of Exam Which Is Just Around The Corner

Long title post huh? but it's the fact.Tomorrow is our final. WOOT! To recap, lots of things have happened. i don't even know where to start. From the recent scold for not following protocol enough, to the time for going through major hellish weeks for 2 workshops and one important assignment to finish AND not having enough time to take cats nap. one thing i say that everyone should agree on. We have gone through hell and back. HELL YEAH!!(wink*wink hai kyoX) sound repetitive but still i'm loving my "spears" semester. stop dom. no need to go further. ok. actually i just wasted ur time reading. kishishishi. Just want to wish everyone who came across this blog and incidentally having final exam for the semester well goodluck. cohort V after this hell relax. Cos we still have one last level of hell. Then it is seventh heaven. in the mean time have fun studying. ??? fun= study? the hell!!

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kyox said...

hell yeah! THEY keep saying we cohort5 are the worst of all~ok then, listen this, we are the last cohort, so "enjoy" us will ya! wakakakakkaka..good luck to u too dom~~~~~~~~