Dec 30, 2010

new year.

new year always brought good news and bad news. bad news are the most abundant. the semester starting, the results of the previous semester are coming in, moneys are to be spend for the starting of semester, dan banyak lagi. tak tahu la.

but they brought new hope. new resolutions to be filled.(mine are just the old ones stacked from the previous2 years and brought over)

yada yada..
new year is great.
ak pun x tau ngarut ap ni.

What's your new year resolutions?

Nov 9, 2010


Currently, i am listening to a few song. give them a try. 

No 1 on my playlist.
Maroon 5 - Runaway
Album : Hands All Over.

Disclaimer; I do not own any of these song.
From youtube.

2. Big Bang - We Belong Together. (out 2006)

Not mine too. I do not own any of these.

3.Michelle Featherstone - Careful
From How i met your mother soundtrack.
Quite a nice song from an artis who doesn't go mainstream.
(maybe she is famous in US.) dunno

same here. not mine.

take a listen. Enjoy.

Nov 4, 2010

the door to my heart (Soul Mate)

Whose at the door?


Sorry I’m closed

But you are still in

Yes but nobody comes in

And why is it so?

For true love finds no door, but make the door of its own, straight into my heart.

Credits to Kyox

i put soul mate in bracket because he is inspired by soul mate (my previous poem)

Soul Mate

Is it over yet?
i will wait for you in this proverbial rain.
where is my silver lining?
they are behind those grey cloud.

is it worth the effort?
you never know what is behind close doors
Should I open it then? Or should it let it be?
Do you like surprises? Life is full of them

Is there such thing as happy ever after?
Will I find myself a person to be comfortable with?
Love is never worth the risk, aren’t they?
Maybe my expectation is too high.

Why do you love me?
Because i love you.
Is there a soul mate for everyone?
Are you implying me your soul mate?
Are you sure that you love me?


reality is an illusion made by man ,
to comfort themselves that such thing exists not.
or is the illusion reality itself,
they offer comfort for broken hearts.

May 17, 2010

Look up.

Look up.
The sky won’t always be blue
Rain might be falling on you.
But promise me you’ll look up
Because somewhere up there
There will be a sun
Waiting to shine on you.

look up,
the clouds might be grey,
the wind may not breathe,
but promise me you'll look up
Because after the rain and storm
there will be a rainbow,
Waiting to show its beauty to you.

this poem was written and dedicated by a stranger to me. credits goes to the person.
everyone please look up and be happy. there still another day to fight. to those who are devastated cos their observation day gone awry i dedicate this to you too.. =)