Apr 2, 2009


stretch.. yargh!!! look at watch.. Damn! it's 4:50 in the morning. Damn. just finished my part of assignment. waiting for my partner to finish his. Earphone in the ear sings to me John Denver's Take me home country road. country road take me home. to a place where i belong. sings to it slowly not to disturb other people. some are asleep some are with their assignment. open my hood someone besides me. anuar. ok. i'm done. take the soft copy and merge everything. the fan slashed the air making sound. breezy and cold. typed everything out already. done. sigh. cold. can't sleep or else won't awake. late already. way past bedtime. way way past bedtime. one big burden shaken off the shoulder. i survived. first thought. i survived through hell. it was wonderful. tiring yet there's a satisfaction on it. moment seized moment stopped moment carved forever. how beautiful can words be to describe that joyous moment. angel's choir faintly appear. and dissappear. i run mentally and physically. i was exhausted yet i pushed. limit is there. the deep dark hole waits to swallow me hole. yet as i push towards the edge there is still ground. i stared. into the wall. hoping it would congratulate me. yet they stared back like i was a fool. the screen laughed at me. laughed at what i'm going through. they tell me if you had done it earlier. i answered back then it is not a challenge. going through hell and lived to tell the tale. i smile. then it fade. remorse fills my veins. wish i had done it sooner. confused. where is my stand right now. i don't want to sit on the fence. someone can push me down. i might fall and bruised myself. amazing. i can still type. type my feeling into words. limited vocabulary yet they can sketch my feeling. i have done it. worry not. you have done it. you've made it through. i am proud of you. but don't do it again. the same stunt won't be entertaining and they won't entertained you. you have pressed that button you have made that choice. it has been written on the stone. i lay back. the chair comforts me in it arm. 4 hours before the deadline. spend my 2 hour writing my 2 cents. i'm a nuisance. don't read this. i'm being impulsive. that tired unconscious mind have been taken over by the half awake side of brain. waiting like a lion. wait. to pounce on it's victim. it jumped and catched the prize of the day. in tranced. feels like flying. yet gravity holds down. like a bird caged. singing it life away. let it go. past is past. you are done. so are you. we both made it. that freezing hell can't stop us. we held hands together and not letting each other go. i'm proud of us. stop. stop. stop rambling about. it's pure nonsense yet it motivating. my hand won't stop typing. i do not think. i just type. the neuron just do their work. pity them. have to overwork. they are a good sport. want to pamper myself. sleep the whole day. sleep until i bleed through my eyes. sleep till my body fully recharged. they deserved a good rest. heart still pounding. pity him. can't rest. slowly work itself in sleep. good morning. good day.

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