Jan 25, 2009

Anne Frank - Franktastic Writer

Anne Frank - The diary of a young girl.
This book i read set back 1942 from the first day she received her diary to 1944 until the day they were captured. I finished the book the day before holiday (sorry Emma, will give it to you after the holiday). It took me a year to finish this book. hehehe. Cos i forgot to bring it back. poor book stashed somewhere inside the dark collecting dust while waiting for people to open it again. How sad was the life of a book if they were not read. This book make her the figures of century and how vivid was the images that she brought to my mind on how war could affect people surrounding them. War is something that people should not be taken lightly. We don't want our love one to suffer aren't we? Yet,she pour her heart content to her confidante "kitty" (the diary name) on everything that includes the annexes'(which by the way the name of the secret house(annexe) they were staying at)residents suffering, to her romance with peter( one of the annexes) She was a sweet person yet she had to be tough because nobody takes her opinion lightly which resulted in her hardheaded attitudes. Overall it is a good read. No such literature should be put aside especially if it was a great masterpiece. It would be like we rejecting Beethoven and his ever glorious music. It does aroused few controversial thought for it's more mature beyond teen of her age. For me, she was born smart so she could write and tell of the world about how ugly a war can be.

p.s - Stop war. Peace.. To everyone, We should pray for that Lord may open those eyes who are blind, make the deaf listen to the word, and the mute may start to speak so that war may be stopped and forever gone.

"War may have gone but the scar that we had may reminds us on how ugly it was"

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