Feb 23, 2009

Tagged?!!? 2nd Time

Tagged : You were given 10 items. Come out with our own opinions on how d items can be used apart from d normal a.k.a common one. It's time to be creative!
1) Anak Kunci
Kegunaan asal
-Mengunci n terkunci
Kegunaan lain yg boleh damn pkirkan?
-Korek Lubang Idung? Kishishishishishi
-Pengorek Kotoran Di Kuku kaki. Lalalalalalala...
2) Penutup Pen
Kegunaan asal
-tutup Pen Duh...
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pkirkan?
-Korek Idung gak kot.. Lalalalalala
-Korek Telinga time gatal2 bole gak
3) Botol Mineral
Kegunaan asal
- water container.
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pikirkan
-Recycle kot. Damn is an Environmentalist.. Is That True? Doubt it..
-Kalau Perjalanan jauh n xley nak berenti buangla air kencing tu kat dlm botol. jgn letak sama dgn minuman. Lalalalalalalal.. Kishishishishishishi...
4) Paper Lama
Kegunaan asal - Tuk alas2.
Kegunaan lain Damn pikirkan?
- Lap Bontot time terdesak. Kishishishishishi... Tisu tndas mahal kan.. lalalalala..
5) Seluar Dalam Lama
Kegunaan asal
-Buang kot
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pikirkan
-Utk hiasan Di dinding2.. lalalalalalalala.. Collection antique.. mahal tu lpas brapa puluh ratus taun akan datang. So simpan la..
6)Lesung batu
Kegunaan asal -
tumbuk bhn2 mskan
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pkirkan
-Tuk Ketuk kpala org.. Self-Defense. Xla kna kidnap/rogol/ n sewaktu dgnnya..
7) Langsir
Kegunaan asal - mngcover tngkap umah anda..
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pikirkan
-When You're Gone... Lalalalalalalalal.. kishishsishishishsihsishish... Buat nyanyi2.. masuk kat utube..
8) Komputer ofis
Kegunaan asal
- harus la wat keje ofis
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pkirkan
-Uploadkan video tadi ke utube.. Tu jer fungsi nye kot.. lalalalalal
9) Duit Syiling
Kegunaan asal -byr bil la kan
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pkirkan
-Gores kad topup? xmen la.. kami minta yus topup kan sudah.. Tuk Bagi sedekah kot..
-Beli minuman tin pun bole gak..
10) Laman Blog
Kegunaan asal - mluahkan ape yg tbuku n my thought..
Kegunaan lain yg Damn pikirkan
-Sama la miz Adah. utk isi tagged je..
Should i tagged others?
tyah la.. dis is the ending of this damn tagged.. kishishsihsihsishishsihsishsihs...

Feb 21, 2009

Random Act Of Kindness

Just came back from my weekly prayer this morning and I saw something cute this morning. Cute? I don't have the right vocabulary to say what the feeling of watching it could be described as but imagine this. you wake up one day after a very sweet dream. You smile knowingly though unconciously you don't remember the dream and YET the warm feeling rise up inside you. Like a surge of waves crashed onto the beach and reconstruct everything till the vista changes. That's the warm feeling I am feeling after watching one little act of kindness done by a kid in a LRT station.She gave up her seat and how the old man was smiling till the ear was a photographic event I must say. I could just grab a camera and take the photo and watch the moment stayed still and not fade away. You all must agree with me when I stated that a single random act of kindness could bring up a smile to everyone. Wish everybody would do the same and the world would be a different place. Friends meeting up "saying how do you do? but what they mean is I love you". Hey don't say I never done anything good. I have.
Few little that you could do are:
1)Smile - It is contagious like most people say. So go on spread this smilling disease.
2)Listen - Talk to those in need. Listen to what they have to say.
3)Hug - It might not be appropriate to some but when it is try. Hug your mother and peck her on the cheek. See what would happen. probably not to some strangers though.
4)Throw some $$$ away - You might think for what, but what you do might be repay tenfold. Every religions agree on this i must say. Pahala? Good Deed? Karma? lalalallalalala.. ;)
5)I don't know... just do something good today and you will know why.

I know you know what I don't know,
Let's just pretend we both know,
Cos' something might conjure something,
out of something, from that someone.
and it might suprised us.
Running out of option?
Try rubbing it with lotion,
Then you can see it in motion.
Doubt might come and make you hesitate,
Let him make a mistake,
nothing you could not make,
with imagination, it's a piece of cake.
Love is loveable,
Hug is huggable,
Smile is smileable.
Productivity is in the word,
Just write anything on the board.
till you have nothing to say.

p.s - it's a spur of the moment thing. kishishishishis.. lma da tak bwat org gelak.


tolong la.. jgn tag ak lag..
Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
1)I don't like being tagged.
2)music is my first love
3)Tidor is my bestfriend
4)Reading is my acquaintance
5)Blogging is my new found passion
6)Kishishishishi is my laugh -no "rompak"ing che sarah-
7)Being left alone is my favourite
Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
-annoying kekadang
-i can fall asleep in watever kind of situation.
-love books so much kadang2 syg nak buang (magazines esp)
-tidor merata
-kalau tidor mesti ada bntal kecik tok diri sndiri.
Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
i don't have the need to do that. malas.. let my tag ends here.
Link the person who tagged you.
che sarah
Leave a comment for each blogger.
what is the purpose for tagging people this time, is only to know exactly who are my frens ..hehe

Feb 6, 2009

Heroes is back!!!

Heroes is back everyone!!
Need to satisfy that insatiable craving for heroes? Here is some website for it.

These two websites contain facts and trivias on heroes, spoilers for upcoming episode,fan theories, cast and characters, and all you need to know in heroes world.
Episode 14 have been aired last monday. Just download it recently. One word, Fantastic. This Second part of season three (volume 4?) is entitled Fugitives. Here Every evolved human. Geng2 heroes je is being hunted by the government. reason? Ask nathan. He started it all. That tall tale guy. Anyway, expect nothing less here. Heroes is Back and Bad.

Some of main and recurring characters. You knew all of them. New Characters? Go find out yourself.