Jan 7, 2009


i have a treasure,
they're at my hands,
i hold it firmly,
not wanting to let go,
i hold it tightly,
like my life depends on it,
i cling on it
till it lost one day,
i was lost too,
not knowing what to do in a dark,
i can't shout for help for i am mute,
i can't look for it for i am blind,
i can't hear a sound for i am deaf,
i am just not me.

one day i feel something at my hand,
holding me with it's warmness,
first i was confused,
then i understand,
it came back again,
it was my treasure,
that i hold dear to,
came back to me,
they were not lost,
they were gone for a brief moment,
i hold them firmly as ever,
not wanting to be lost again,
for i treasure it the most
emo? not!!!

Copyright -Damnik2009-

p.s - i wanted to be and feel happy. Emo so 2008. hahhaha. I do have things that i treasure most. family and friendship,(for those who wonder) something you cant found at 7eleven unless you're looking for something else. 7eleven semua ada.


adah uchida said...

wow..practice poetry already,huh..heheheh..sugoi!=)

Damnik said...

huhu.. have to..

kyox said...

lawak bodo ke...wakakakakak