Apr 7, 2009

Being Happy is Just Being Happy.

Sometimes, I wonder. Wait. i amazed myself. How could i look rather happy. I don't know. Maybe i never take things seriously. People could go and say u are this that and i would just smile and laugh with the matter. A LOT OF studies and researches have been done on this state of being happy. And they say that happy could make you younger, happy can make you thinner, happy can help other people. IDK but IMO i can help some of you guys live a large lifelessly life happily with that endorphine induced tranced whatchamacallit state.
1. To be happy you must throw away ur worries for a while. Go and do things that you would never thought of doing. me? I love all sorts of things. Now among my favourite things to do is catching up with whatever sorts of anime in the anime world. To do that you must have time on your own. If you like, what? i don't have time for what i want. I am buried under this assignments/works/books/paper or etc. How dare you asks me to set aside this things. Well get yourself an hour or two to pamper yourself. you'll be amazed.
2. To be happy you must have nescafe. ak jadi promoter nescafe plak... IDK try having somthing you long to indulge at. ice cream/spa/holidays/ anything that requires you to spend money. hehehehe. But to do this you must have company. Yes, company. Company is a must. no ambiguity here ok. Company as in friend. bring your bestfriend/s out and agree on one thing and go spend your money on it. I admit i have done this. Cough cough cosmo cough cough. I admit at first i was a little hesitant. To throw away money is not my strong suit. But i spend money on it. and guess what. It was a worth it experience.
3. To be happy is a state of mind. to achieve it you must forgive. Forgive every wrong your friends have done to you and you feel happier. really? well if you still dwell in that sin that friend of yours have done towards you, you will inevitable feel guilty about it. and guilty is one of the roadblock towards happiness. Hey not just your friends you yourself must ask for someone's mercy if you done anything bad and all. don't say that i preach but never do anything bout it. i have forgiven my friends. thousands of times already. till they get to an annoying point where i think that i could not forgive them, but i manage to pull in deep breath and exhale away the feeling. Best. try it sometimes.
4.To be happy is to be with someone you love. Try calling or sms-ing you loved one. call and say you just call to know whether they fine or not, how life and all. it is better after a few call.

I'm not sure whether this writing has values or not. but to be happy is subjective. you can be happy with the thing but not ither person. another man's junk is another man's treasure. or something similar to that. so if reader want to try my way of being happy go ahead. you might give yourself a suprise.


my name is KARL said...

**cough cough cosmo cough cough**


i've told u rite, we hd such a wonderful .. great moment at times dat day rite

Conee said...

honey... sorry lama dah ku menghilang, i make u happy if u need me... my lil' brother... im still the one that u know... just time really short for me to do everything that i need to do... and one of it is to talk to you... :)

adah uchida said...

i wish i cud b hepi today dom..my life is a bit miserable wen i realised dat sth..hahaha(ironically, i still laugh n smile)..H.A.P.P.Y...