Feb 6, 2009

Heroes is back!!!

Heroes is back everyone!!
Need to satisfy that insatiable craving for heroes? Here is some website for it.

These two websites contain facts and trivias on heroes, spoilers for upcoming episode,fan theories, cast and characters, and all you need to know in heroes world.
Episode 14 have been aired last monday. Just download it recently. One word, Fantastic. This Second part of season three (volume 4?) is entitled Fugitives. Here Every evolved human. Geng2 heroes je is being hunted by the government. reason? Ask nathan. He started it all. That tall tale guy. Anyway, expect nothing less here. Heroes is Back and Bad.

Some of main and recurring characters. You knew all of them. New Characters? Go find out yourself.

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♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

dom...bila nk burn heroes season 3?? hehe btw, i tagged u..klau ade masa bwatla ek