Jan 31, 2009

Top 5 Reasons Why I Hate Assignment

Tensions building up. Deadline is nearer and nearer. Hours turn to minutes to seconds. Still assignment I never finishes early. Punishments for the crime, terrible consequences is another word for it. Calamity best described the day before the deadline. Yup, everything will be thrown into chaotic states just by a simple 10 letter word, with an ass in the front. Back to the title. My Top 5 Reasons Why I Hate Assignment.

5. Waste my Ink. WHY? Eventhough I don't have any printer yet, still wasting ink is not my forte. I know an ink refill would cost a person an arm or a leg. A printer is a high maintainance machine. What If you print a Dictionary-thick like assignment? No further explanation needed.
4. Not Enough Sleep. I am a slow person. I think very slow and i react very slow. I type 2 words per minute.
3. I hate the reading part in assignment. I am allergic to academic books. Asked me what i read. I would reply. 'comics, novel, magazines and other non academic writing. Fiction is preferable. non-fiction? Depends on how famous the book is.
2. I don't have time to write my f@#kn' blog!!!!
1. What 10 letter words with an ASS in the front that annoys us more than a pain in the ASS? How many ASS word do i need to say so i can make an ASS of an ASSignment? What would an ASS be called if it was to be put at the front? Everybody has an ASS but not in the front. DumbASS.


my name is KARL said...


agreed! but not all laa

Damnik said...

hehe.. different people have different views on things.

kyox said...

why i dun like? saja i dun like..waakakak