Aug 23, 2009

Poet In The Making..

I wake up in the middle of night,
Tonight it feels cold,
The weather seems to be cruel lately,
The clouds parade by trying to comprehend my midnight anecdote,
I tell my story with my eyes
The poignant fable attracts the moth
They seem to understand the loneliness
Cause they attracted to things they should not be too
They know it is hurtful
Yet still they fly to the flame
You’re my flame and I am the moth
I want but I can’t have you
The air feels heavy tonight
I can feel them caressing me
Comforting me, trying to lull me into the night
I breathe them in,
And the stirred emotion came to a halt
The sun peeks in the night giving its light
Telling the moon hope is always there
And one day they will meet again
Wish I could be the sun,
Filled with zealous faith
Waiting in joyful hope
Of the coming of someone special,
Who awaits me in the dark like the moon,
And she will light up my night
So I don’t get lonely anymore
... been taking up poetry lately to pass of my days ...
would like people to give title on it please..
and tell me what u feel..
p.s - happy ramadhan to all muslim and those who aren't happy holiday. Sungkei pwas2 kat bazaar.. huhuhuhuh

Aug 2, 2009

aku marah giler ni!!!

Have you guys done things that you guys put so much work on n people spoil it?

u must have.. xkan x pernah nye la..
This week I am ticked off by almost everything in sight.
1. cadar tilam ku yg ku jemur disiram org atas. Nak kna bunuh org tuh. tak pasal2 ak kna basuh blik kan. Da le buat bnde tkutuk tu lari trus tak nak ngaku. Imagine this, tgh2 rilek kat blik rehat tetiba dgr air tersiram dari atas. Bunyi bkan main kuat lag. Cheist!! rupe2 nye ak nye cadar tilam kena siram. WattaFak!!!
2. Ak tak tau la nak marah ke tak kan benda ni. Bus ak TUNGGU dari kul 8 pag x sampai2. Punyala bengang ak. Pakai teksi, Abang, sikalang a, mo peg itu kl sentral pun sudah rm20. ni lagi la jusco. 15 la bang. sya kasi murah. Swine flu btol la. It's like obvious m always going to where i always go and that taxi guy charging some nonsense prizes. Hello ever heard of METER? kami pun nak idup gak.

Oi oi oi!!! minggu ni minggu brape? 4 ke 5? x pasal2 ak kene marah kang x prepare tok public speaking..