Jan 31, 2009

Top 5 Reasons Why I Hate Assignment

Tensions building up. Deadline is nearer and nearer. Hours turn to minutes to seconds. Still assignment I never finishes early. Punishments for the crime, terrible consequences is another word for it. Calamity best described the day before the deadline. Yup, everything will be thrown into chaotic states just by a simple 10 letter word, with an ass in the front. Back to the title. My Top 5 Reasons Why I Hate Assignment.

5. Waste my Ink. WHY? Eventhough I don't have any printer yet, still wasting ink is not my forte. I know an ink refill would cost a person an arm or a leg. A printer is a high maintainance machine. What If you print a Dictionary-thick like assignment? No further explanation needed.
4. Not Enough Sleep. I am a slow person. I think very slow and i react very slow. I type 2 words per minute.
3. I hate the reading part in assignment. I am allergic to academic books. Asked me what i read. I would reply. 'comics, novel, magazines and other non academic writing. Fiction is preferable. non-fiction? Depends on how famous the book is.
2. I don't have time to write my f@#kn' blog!!!!
1. What 10 letter words with an ASS in the front that annoys us more than a pain in the ASS? How many ASS word do i need to say so i can make an ASS of an ASSignment? What would an ASS be called if it was to be put at the front? Everybody has an ASS but not in the front. DumbASS.

Jan 25, 2009

Anne Frank - Franktastic Writer

Anne Frank - The diary of a young girl.
This book i read set back 1942 from the first day she received her diary to 1944 until the day they were captured. I finished the book the day before holiday (sorry Emma, will give it to you after the holiday). It took me a year to finish this book. hehehe. Cos i forgot to bring it back. poor book stashed somewhere inside the dark collecting dust while waiting for people to open it again. How sad was the life of a book if they were not read. This book make her the figures of century and how vivid was the images that she brought to my mind on how war could affect people surrounding them. War is something that people should not be taken lightly. We don't want our love one to suffer aren't we? Yet,she pour her heart content to her confidante "kitty" (the diary name) on everything that includes the annexes'(which by the way the name of the secret house(annexe) they were staying at)residents suffering, to her romance with peter( one of the annexes) She was a sweet person yet she had to be tough because nobody takes her opinion lightly which resulted in her hardheaded attitudes. Overall it is a good read. No such literature should be put aside especially if it was a great masterpiece. It would be like we rejecting Beethoven and his ever glorious music. It does aroused few controversial thought for it's more mature beyond teen of her age. For me, she was born smart so she could write and tell of the world about how ugly a war can be.

p.s - Stop war. Peace.. To everyone, We should pray for that Lord may open those eyes who are blind, make the deaf listen to the word, and the mute may start to speak so that war may be stopped and forever gone.

"War may have gone but the scar that we had may reminds us on how ugly it was"

Jan 20, 2009

Plays N Drama -Mdm Jo's Edition-

Firstly, to my dear reader. i'd like give credit to Karl for this idea. This preposterous idea was his own. Today madam josephine gave her first lec to our cohort on setting, make up, lighting, and /Bugdet/ which is a supporting element for enhancing drama. (correct me if i'm wrong, i was late, which by the way reminded me on nobody telling me that class is starting early!!! WTH?!?!) so back to the topic, mdm joe gave us this lecture but she was giving weird example in order to make us understand. Simple simple sudah la. imagine this the example she gave on make up is John Travolta's make up on hairspray to make him into a her. tu baru make up. and the lighting makes her talks about miss universe. bloody hell!! plus, mdm sheerin kacau je mdm jo nak bagi lec. kesian jo, mentang2 bkan ketua jabatan dah. Back to J don't want no sheerin. What is this class actually? kelas john-travolta-dressing-up-as-the-drag-queen-to-enter-miss-universe? Makes me ponder even more on why i takes teaching for a career in the beginning. I hope everything will turn out ok in the end. All well might as well ends well. Another thing just came up, How am i going to teach the children on drama? I need to dress as a tramp? no no no... Make my children dress as tramp? kesian budak2 tu, besar2 jadi kurang normal. What to become of society then? hahahahaha... saje je mdm jo. ko rasa? oren? In the end bagi tgk siaran ulangan The man who planted tree(s). To show us how little budjet can make a good performance compare to those who have plenty to spend. Macam la.

p.s it is a matter of opinion. sukati la, wat u want to teach your children? how you teach your children? As long as it is in the curriculum specification. Elaun x masuk lagi. Sedih nya. No money not coming to class cos no money no food (hungry ma!!). no money also no talk. hahahaha. Boikot barangan Kak Som. Mahal!!!

Jan 11, 2009

Freckles - Natasha Bedingfield


I used to care so much about what others think about
Almost didn't have a thought of my own
The slightest remark would make me embark
On the journey of self doubt
But that was a while ago
This girl has got stronger
If I knew then what I know now
I would have told myself don't worry any longer it's OK

'cause a face without freckles is like a sky without stars
Why waste a second not loving who you are
Those little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable, valuable,
They show your personality inside your heart
Reflecting who you are

Who you are
Who you are
Who you are

I wondered if I could trade my body with somebody else in magazines
Would the whole world fall at my feet?
I felt unworthy and would blame my failures on the ugliness I could see
When the mirror looked at me
Sometimes I feel like the little girl who doesn't belong in her own world
But I'm getting better
And I'm reminding myself

'cause a face without freckles is like a sky without stars
Why waste a second not loving who you are
Those little imperfections make you beautiful, lovable, valuable,
They show your personality inside your heart
Reflecting who you are

Reflecting who you are
Reflecting who you are

Have been reflecting for quite some time not knowing wat to post till came acroos this song. Love her remarks on you don't need to be someone else to be happy. (btolx3) heheheh.. imperfection is normal, vanity step aside. Ego must fill half the cup. Emo buang jauh2. Busuk. Happy is 2009. Remind me of Eliza in Pygmalion. She ended up not knowing who she is after learning her proper English. "what am i to become of" ending not tragic but i pity her for not being able to be herself after all that. x fakta? tap itu la seingat aku. correct me if i'm wrong. foundation has long gone. still, be unique, that what makes you everything to somebody who appreciates it.

p.s - Xnak kawen awal. nak tolong ringan kan hidup parents dlu. anak yg baek konon nya. After that selesakan diri dlu. then get marry. hehehe. if ad rezeki kawen awal? tgk dulu la.
thanx natasha bedingfield for the lovely song. walaupun ko x tau baca ke ap.

Jan 7, 2009


i have a treasure,
they're at my hands,
i hold it firmly,
not wanting to let go,
i hold it tightly,
like my life depends on it,
i cling on it
till it lost one day,
i was lost too,
not knowing what to do in a dark,
i can't shout for help for i am mute,
i can't look for it for i am blind,
i can't hear a sound for i am deaf,
i am just not me.

one day i feel something at my hand,
holding me with it's warmness,
first i was confused,
then i understand,
it came back again,
it was my treasure,
that i hold dear to,
came back to me,
they were not lost,
they were gone for a brief moment,
i hold them firmly as ever,
not wanting to be lost again,
for i treasure it the most
emo? not!!!

Copyright -Damnik2009-

p.s - i wanted to be and feel happy. Emo so 2008. hahhaha. I do have things that i treasure most. family and friendship,(for those who wonder) something you cant found at 7eleven unless you're looking for something else. 7eleven semua ada.

Hey Diddle diddle

Hey Diddle diddle,
The cats and the fiddle,
The cow jump over the moon,
The little dog laughed to see such fun.
And Dish ran away with the Spoon.

This is my poem for today S&P class. Why i chose this poem? I had no idea. I had an interesting childhood so to say. (ye ke!!) nah.. How bout an ok childhood. This nursery rhymes is nonsenses that is the main reason on why i like it.

p.s - i can't find my spoon, i wonder whether he ran away and elope with my fork. biarla.

Jan 6, 2009

Old man and his Porn

Came back from pasar malam just now and I saw one interesting thing. You can guess it by the way. Don't worry I'm not good at creating a good title with hidden meanings on it. It is what the title is somewhat suggesting (Drum roll) an old man with his porn. hahah.. Ok maybe that was a little too boring. How 'bout i spice things up. Considering your truly and my fellow coursemate is taking up songs and poetry. How about we sing. Most of you know the /this old man song/ right? This old man he play one, he play yada yada so and so. You know this song. You must have a very poor childhood if you don't have the song. Buy Beg Borrow Or Steal. Look for it. Cos you don't want to sing this without knowing the tune. ok. 1 2 3.

This old man,
He wants porn,
He walks to pasar malam,
With a big umbrella,
and a 10 ringgit,
This old men pick out a porn.

I wonder how that old man look when he is aroused. yuck. I feel like throwing up.
Still lust is an ageversal thing huh. I have an advise to the pak cik tua. Pak cik2, you are old. Stop watching porn. It is bad for your heart. Plus, you have parkinson and all sorts of diseases. How are you going to press the pause button and change the channel quickly when your wife/son/daughter/granddaughter/anyone who comes in. Imagine this, while the old man was watching it suddenly the car came. "oh my god! my daughter is coming. I totally forgot cos i have this stupid alzheimer. S@#$!!" The daughter came in and caught him wet handed( who came up with that). "Gasp! Apa!! ley mo kaw cho a!!" (sorry ban leng not good in chinese hahahaha) while covering the face of her son. "Damn!(i love this word) I was just wanted to change the channel and put on my shorts but my stupid parkinson kacau la."

P.s - Imagination is Disusting. To some extent.

Jan 5, 2009

Blogger Alert!!!

Here i am, sitting in front of this laptop wondering what should i be doing with the line and all. So trying to catching up with the trend, I try blogging. I don't know wat to expect and all but still i try. I wanted to make few things clear first, if i ever make any nonsense remarks on someone or ANYBODY(sapa makan cili rasa pedas la!!) who thought it was a little extreme to be blogged then forgive yours truly. Still, i want to post something and that is my prerogrative. I wish i can blog visually because i would need a hand sign for my swear word. wahahahahahah... Hope for this new year would be a prosperous new blog year. Wait for my post cos i will paint this blog red with my keyboard.