Feb 21, 2009

Random Act Of Kindness

Just came back from my weekly prayer this morning and I saw something cute this morning. Cute? I don't have the right vocabulary to say what the feeling of watching it could be described as but imagine this. you wake up one day after a very sweet dream. You smile knowingly though unconciously you don't remember the dream and YET the warm feeling rise up inside you. Like a surge of waves crashed onto the beach and reconstruct everything till the vista changes. That's the warm feeling I am feeling after watching one little act of kindness done by a kid in a LRT station.She gave up her seat and how the old man was smiling till the ear was a photographic event I must say. I could just grab a camera and take the photo and watch the moment stayed still and not fade away. You all must agree with me when I stated that a single random act of kindness could bring up a smile to everyone. Wish everybody would do the same and the world would be a different place. Friends meeting up "saying how do you do? but what they mean is I love you". Hey don't say I never done anything good. I have.
Few little that you could do are:
1)Smile - It is contagious like most people say. So go on spread this smilling disease.
2)Listen - Talk to those in need. Listen to what they have to say.
3)Hug - It might not be appropriate to some but when it is try. Hug your mother and peck her on the cheek. See what would happen. probably not to some strangers though.
4)Throw some $$$ away - You might think for what, but what you do might be repay tenfold. Every religions agree on this i must say. Pahala? Good Deed? Karma? lalalallalalala.. ;)
5)I don't know... just do something good today and you will know why.

I know you know what I don't know,
Let's just pretend we both know,
Cos' something might conjure something,
out of something, from that someone.
and it might suprised us.
Running out of option?
Try rubbing it with lotion,
Then you can see it in motion.
Doubt might come and make you hesitate,
Let him make a mistake,
nothing you could not make,
with imagination, it's a piece of cake.
Love is loveable,
Hug is huggable,
Smile is smileable.
Productivity is in the word,
Just write anything on the board.
till you have nothing to say.

p.s - it's a spur of the moment thing. kishishishishis.. lma da tak bwat org gelak.


my name is KARL said...


something to be read

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

shuwwiittnnyee~ how bout eating 5 cornettos in a day..hahaha dat makes ppl impress on u..leyh nek 2 round roller coaster gi..

kishishishi laaa

ag comeyyy

Damnik said...

sorry karl.. intenet cam haram.. i'll try updating it..

kishishishi.. ak da cornettophobic da..