Jan 5, 2009

Blogger Alert!!!

Here i am, sitting in front of this laptop wondering what should i be doing with the line and all. So trying to catching up with the trend, I try blogging. I don't know wat to expect and all but still i try. I wanted to make few things clear first, if i ever make any nonsense remarks on someone or ANYBODY(sapa makan cili rasa pedas la!!) who thought it was a little extreme to be blogged then forgive yours truly. Still, i want to post something and that is my prerogrative. I wish i can blog visually because i would need a hand sign for my swear word. wahahahahahah... Hope for this new year would be a prosperous new blog year. Wait for my post cos i will paint this blog red with my keyboard.


kyox said...

perrr! taiko sial~~

..me ~ cik sara.. said...

ape ni dom!!! hahaha..bwat blog pasal nk kutuk org ka??

Damnik said...

suker2.. hehehe.. philosophical hand.