Jul 1, 2009

TidAK!! NOOooooO.. (o.O)'''

Next week new sem will begin.. Tie me up. Bury me down under. I don't wan't to back to kl!!. Sibu... m gonna mis u.. (T.T) Lama da cuti.. Best nye.. lama x update.. kering..

nothing much happen time holidae.
xcept... Gawai, which was hell of a celebration anyway.
In case you guys responding with WTF is Gawai.. lemme explain.

Every year, iban people planted their rice for food. so they plant and yada yada yada..
The rice is ripe during the 6th month of the year. this time they harvest it with friends and family. finish harvesting. one guys had an idea. "maybe we should celebrate this day. especially after all the hard work being put into it. hm..." The idea was first thought to be just a simple family gathering turn into tradition which is celebrated until now. heheh. to put matters into mo precise and simple words. so that i will not confuse those delicate minds.

talk about celebration.. this is my long house..
it's a long longhouse. 100++ families.. Impressive huh..


nenek tua si bongkok tiga siang mlam bejaga2..

heheh.. so on the 1st of June we iban people in Sarawak celebrate it of course. and to the neighbouring state Sabah, happy Kaamatan (theirs on 30 july). Sorry me not sure how to say it in Kadazan Dusun. eheheheehhe.. Long story short i always waited for june. it's my favourite time of the year. (till i forgot to update my blog) sowe..

So.. See you guys after the break.. and all..

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I am Karl said...


dat word, stanly af6 slalu guna ms kat af6 dulu