Mar 4, 2009

Sorry Guys..

I just want to say a FEW THINGS have been going on lately. And expect some of the busyness marching onwards. To shortens things up i would want to make a list of what had happen this few weeks that i'm not writing cos of some stupid internet line not being able to get themselves connected to MY LAPTOP. okay to makes life easy( my hands doing less typing, ur eyes doing less reading) here are some of the things that happened recently.
1. Everyone's favourite - I cried during workshop. (best things is i get free cookies) Thanks adah.. kishishishis..
2. I go back to sibu - Eventhough it was a short trip back (flight friday - back sunday evening) I feel rejuvenated or some kind. I feel less homesick. lalalalalala... the only person knows before i burst out during the workshop is Mdm Ros. Mucho Gracias. (btw she won't read this but nah... just want to thank her.)
3. I F#$ked up in my exam. PnD was hell lot tougher co i don't study at all and everything else is history. - think that u guys know what the hell i'm not studying. No further explanation needed.
4.SnP. I don't know what will happen but i try my best to keep my composure. Everyone ( u know who u are) are trying their best to keep things in strings and working. Try my hardest to be a good leader.
5.Finally i get to download heroes.. lalalallala.. and update my blog.. but probably weekly cos i need to go around and get my connection.

p.s - Sports started few weeks ago. and no sorry i'm not joining this year.. lalalalalal


my name is KARL said...

balik sibu>>>

wah.. xckp pun..

kyox said...

eeeei~~~~dom nangis~~~liu liu~~waakakakakka...x faham tanya hew~~wakakaka

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

beshnye dye da balik umah dlu..
sokkay dom.i solute those who're joining dis year..such good bouys n girls laaa~~

LoveIsPurple said...

na blik jugeee~~~

Damnik said...

karl x tnye camne nak ckap.. blik la pepel.. tu la.. seat view pun best gak sports kadang2.. kishishishishishishishi..