May 17, 2010

Look up.

Look up.
The sky won’t always be blue
Rain might be falling on you.
But promise me you’ll look up
Because somewhere up there
There will be a sun
Waiting to shine on you.

look up,
the clouds might be grey,
the wind may not breathe,
but promise me you'll look up
Because after the rain and storm
there will be a rainbow,
Waiting to show its beauty to you.

this poem was written and dedicated by a stranger to me. credits goes to the person.
everyone please look up and be happy. there still another day to fight. to those who are devastated cos their observation day gone awry i dedicate this to you too.. =)

May 11, 2010

Love At First Sight.

The day their eyes met,
something stirred inside,
this meeting, their smile,
those eyes,
hurt from the burning ray,
yet soothing,
the blood flows from the heart
relaying messages to the brain,
to shut himself from rationality
to let the heart jumps,
rather aggresive never suggestive,
how the longing was gone
like it never existed before,
yet in the end,
the moment the fallen leaves
touched the rain filled drain
it ends.
Love at first sight.

owh kengkawan ku.. it has been a very long time i didn't update my blog.. starting again today.. waiting for comments. =)